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Happy Lunar Year!

A special painting I took myself time for today...
All is born of water;
All is sustained by water. - Goethe

It's a great day because of all the things that happen coincidentally, at a date which looks so perfect in its alignment. 02.02.2022
Not only is it the second day of the beginning of the Chinese Lunar Year but also my friend's birthday: Hella von Sinnen!
Not only does she show strength on a daily basis, no matter how tough life poses itself. She is always there for everyone, especially for me. I thank her with every fibre of my being that she is a part of my life and that we met through the comics I create.

This, of course, makes you a part of this wonderful story, too.
Because thanks to you, I am able to create the worlds and stories of Yria.
"Water is the strongest element. Even stronger than fire — because it can go around any obstacle in its path and not lose its essential nature." - Levitt
All my love to you, and happy new year!
High resolution/Wallpaper version of this are available at my Patreon ❤
Thank you so much for looking!